the forgotten places

The Forgotten Places
Places that once were grand are left to fall apart.

Places once loved are forgotten, discarded like sweet wrappers, swept away in the wind.

Places swallowed by the gloomy atmosphere that holds Merthyr like a prison.

Places trapped in a fortress of noise, endless conversation slurred by last night’s mighty pint, with the impatient roar of the metal lion and the howl of the wind.

Places ruined by the art of the ASBOs and the unwanted. Places yearning for respect, places where heroes are remembered.

Places longing to be loved, loved by the people. Places needing life, needing an escape from a dreary world of vultures snapping at purses.

Places demanding attention, wanting to be noticed like the proud statues of heroes that once were.

Places of music and art that are lost in the depths of the high street, the gloom of the town and the world of the mine.

Ethan Evans

Chance Meeting

I love this photo by Duane Michals. These images are different because they tell a story. I like these pictures because they are all about human interaction.



Unique Angles!!

leading lines!!


leading lines!!…



An early flight and a million subways later Sam and I were in Paris. The jet lag and consent going finally got me down. I couldn’t help but want only sleep. I kept telling myself, “You’re in the most beautiful place in world, you can sleep later!”

First stop was Notre Damie

I was fascinated by how many people were in Paris. The place was packed with tourist and local city kids. I had never been in a non-English speaking country (other than Mexico) so I felt overwhelmed. I use to want to live in Paris but being here made me change my mind on that one. It made me feel so far away from home.

I continued to ignore the fact I was getting sick and pushed myself to go see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. The Louvre is probably the best art museum in the world. I…

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Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

I like this picture because of the mix of pretty flowers and bright colors combined with the creepy factor of the machinery. One of the most striking things about the photograph is the fact that the flowers are growing out of his arm. I like the fact that you can see the tip of his head and his rolled up sleeve. I think that it adds to the photo because we know that the photo is not just of an arm but it is of a person who has plants growing out of his arm. The picture was similar to the ones we saw in class because they both have nature in them, they are showing that people have to work with nature.

Assignment 1

1)This is an example of forced perspective because you are looking at an older photograph and a photograph of one in the exact same spot. It forces you to make the connection to how things were and how they were that day.

2)I don’t think it changed how I looked at the image to read the caption on the bottom, because in the one with the two people on the chair I felt like based on the quality of the inside photo ( the one of the couple) made it seem like they could be parents or grandparents. The one of the girl however changed a little because now I know the photographer was also her boyfriend.

Hello World…again

1.) What town are you from?

I live in Holyoke Massachusetts.

2.) What are some of your favorite movies?

One of my favorite movies is The Devil Wears Prada. I really can’t watch it to many times.
3.) What books, magazines, graphic novels, blogs etc. do you like to read?

I love to read. I am willing to read lots of different books and generes. I love books like The Help, Water for Elephants, The Night Circus, and I Capture the Castle.
4.) Who are your favorite musicians?

I listen to what ever is on the radio, but when I am home I like to listen to Regina Spektor.
5.) Have you ever successfully used a camera in the manual mode? (no, the moon and stars or the running man settings don’t count.)

I honestly don’t know.
6.) Photoshop. Is it a place to buy pictures or photographer’s tool? (how much do you think you know about Photoshop?)

Photoshop is a photographers tool. I have used Photoshop a little I got a very basic lesson and I don’t remember any of it.
7.) Do you have any favorite photographers or types of photography?

I love Cig Harvey’s work I think it’s so pretty. I also love the book of  photos that you own and showed Mickenzie in Boston.
8.) What are you most looking forward to in this class?

I am looking forward to learning how to use Photoshop and learning more about taking pictures.
9.) What types of projects do you want to do/ what do you want to learn?

I just want to learn more. Maybe more about cameras and different types of shots and how they differ on different cameras.
10.) Do you or your family own a digital camera (if so, is it a point and shoot or a DSLR with interchangeable lenses?)

Yes, as you know it is almost brand new and is a point and shoot.
11.) What would your super hero name be?

I already am a super hero.
12.) What do you want to know about me?

I would like to know more about your work and what kind of things you like to take pictures of.