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Triptychs and Diptychs Challenge



I want to visually expose the constant harassment that we are submitting the Nature and in particular the trees; in this way I would like at the same time, to show the failure of ourselves and to make a tribute to the silent fight the trees are doing to help us to find us back. The “staging” I chose is that of triptychs because has allowed me to accentuate the display of the inexorable process of decay and failure from an exuberant Nature until the destruction and neglect. Each triptych could be seen as a line on the pentagram of a “requiem” composed by all of them.

Visit the Portfolio section for the full gallery: Silent struggle of trees in funereal triptychs…

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Photographing animals have always been such a fun area to focus on, photography wise. So, recently I have started this new series… putting together diptychs of wild exotic animals. I’ve taken a close up detailed shot of the animals and also an overall shot of the animals within their environment  (to make up these diptychs). But not all of these images are diptychs; some of them included are triptychs. I’m having such an amazing time photographing these lovely animals.

Tell me what’d you think =)

A bit wild, right? =)

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Adde Adesokan AKA theblackstar is a photographer and Creative Director based out of Hamburg, Germany. His project called Triptychs of Strangers is a series of pictures shot on the street of random people shot in a series of triptychs – that is, his photos are divided into 3 sections. The details of the photos provide a startling glimpse into someone’s life. It’s amazing what one can learn and imagine from the outward image we project into the world. Visit his official site here and his flickr stream here.

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At Ella’s House

Rule Challenge

Mickenzie :)

This is an example of internal framing


Mickenzie 🙂.

20 January 2012


366 Days of Photos

I could have photo-shopped my squidgy knees to perfection but I think it somehow they add to the photo – in a squidgy knee kind of way…

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