Photographer People:

a. She  reminds me of myself, because she is very feminine but strong. I also love the coloring that she uses.

b. I love how she uses every day women doing ordinary things and shows how beautiful the ordinary woman can be.


– Discuss his shooting techniques (think about framing, color, lighting.)

He uses light in very interesting ways, and he shoots from straight on. He also places his people in the center of the photographs.

– What else do these images remind you of?


– Are they narrative and if so WHY?

Yes, I think these are  narratives because they have characters and a climax.


1) I would have a person sitting under a window and the window would say I love PVPA because I can sit out in the sunshine.

2)I would have a person dancing and holding a sign that says I love PVPA because I can do what I love.

3) I would have a person playing an instrument with a thank you sign on a music stand.

4) I would have a person writing on their arm “I love PVPA because I can express myself.”

5) I could have a group of people on the stage with a thank you sign behind them


-Which music video is more like a narrative? I think that the Honest Truth by Typhoon was more of a narrative.

– What qualities does the more narrative music video have that the other doesn’t? The song gives details and characters in the song and in the video that the  first one doesn’t.

– What qualities will YOUR photo narrative need? I need to have clear characters and a clear intention. I also need to make sure that there is nothing in the story that could be confusing.


In this photograph I would use curves to make the whole thing brighter, and I would increase the vibrancy of the foliage.


This is aperture

This is aperture

This is shutter speed

This is shutter speed


a. I think that the message of the photos is that there will always be someone watching over you.

b. I think these photos are personal and not, because these photos are saying that there is always some one taking care of you, but sometimes you have to take  care of yourself.


a. The photoshop files save all of the layers of photoshop and tif.

b. The server name is blue.

c. Making layers and saving are the two things you need to do right away.

d. The short cut to make layers is command+j.


This is a very slow shutter speed because it is all blurred together. I would guess that it is a 1/25 of a second.

This is also a slow shutter speed because you cant see the individual cars. I would guess that this is 1/60.

I think that this is a medium shutter speed because there are blurry things like the biker, but there are also things that are not blurry. I think that this is of a 1/100 second.

this is a very quick shutter speed I think it is like 1/200 of a second.

This is a extremely quick shutter speed because there is absolutely no blur. I think it is like a 1/2000 of a second.

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